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Denver, Colorado


Identity, Space, Collateral, Signage, Consulting

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Big Trouble is located above a bustling market hall off the Denver train line, which inspired us to imbue the space with a sense of adventure and romanticism. The design was influenced by the back alley bars of Wan Chai and Dotonbori, creating a space that mixes grittiness and luxury through the use of materials like wheat pastes and neon contrasted with more luxe and tactile elements like felt and velvet. We worked through all aspects of the Big Trouble project – from naming and identity design to collateral, interiors and signage – to create an experience where users are transported from the hustle and bustle of Denver Metro below them to a space steeped in post-war Asia romanticism.

"Big Trouble is a wonderful, transporting mishmash of styles and visual motifs, creating a never-ending crimson-hued feast for the eyes."

- Natalie Suarez - Grits and Grids

Big Trouble Bar
Big Trouble Neon and Interior
Big Trouble Pins and Collateral
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Big Trouble Entry Signage
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