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Classic Makes a Come Back

Isabel bar is named and conceived in honor of Isabel Nesmith Evans. Ms. Evans was president of the Colorado Iron Works, which she ran out of The Source building (the building that houses the present-day bar) in the 1800s. When conceiving the Isabel brand and experience, we wanted to create something as storied as the building that housed it and ensure that it would stand unique amidst the larger-volume space in which it exists. 

Taking notes from Ms. Evans’ original writings, typographic and illustrative characteristics from her family crest, and cues from the makers culture already imbued within The Source space, we were able to create a brand authentic to the space while still supporting the bars current service model and usage. 

Menu in Sleeve

Conception to Launch

We were contracted to work with The Source team from conception through launch, including design direction for buildout, selection of FF&E + OS&E, development of soft finishes, brand identity, signage, collateral and web. At every step, we worked with local crafts people to create authentic interactions at all touchpoints – creating leather folios for menus, constructing custom banquettes that hold plant dividers, and building an integrated lid on the bar that houses liquor storage, signage, and a series of planters to give the space verdency. 

The space moves seamlessly from day – where it is used as a juice/smoothies bar – to night – where comfortable furniture and dim-to-warm lighting help set the tone for an evening cocktail. The result is a transformative space that serves as a waiting area, transitory space or a destination of its own. 

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