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Pittsburgh, PA


Naming, Brand Identity, Collateral, Signage, Wayfinding, Consulting


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Historic Salvation Army Building

Soup, Soap, Salvation

When we were approached by Sage Hospitality to reposition the former Salvation Army building in Pittsburgh into a work / lifestyle hotel we knew we would have a rich history to draw from. 

We collaborated with the Sage team to determine the positioning of the hotel, which was steeped in a historic, working-class grittiness, and to bring new life into the property. We wanted to create a brand that was both a place of analog immersion and a counterpoint to an overly digital world. When crafting the name, our thinking was inspired by the woodworking technique, Joinery. The word alludes to both a hands-on approach to working and connections made in the modern day. From there, we created a wordmark, heavily inspired by the hand-lettered labor movement posters of the mid-1950s and 60s. We wanted a visual identity that felt real and tactile and that highlighted the care and imperfection of the human hand. The graphic mark –  the dovetail joint –  spoke to the connection to the city that is authentically famous for rolling up its sleeves.

interior glass
record player

To round out the brand and further the historic touch marks, we created a custom typeface, Evangeline Script, which resurrected the original block engineer’s handwriting from the early 1900s. The result is a precise, but emotive script that has a full set of latin characters, numerical and title case scripts.

Type 1
Type 2

Stay here like you own the place

The space needed to feel like your living room – inviting and thoughtful. We worked with the architects to help guide the common areas and then created signage that was textural and analog in a warm and complementary way, including a large format map where people could write and physically pin their own neighborhood recommendations. 

The brand carries this tactile standpoint through the guest guide, a small press zine containing info about the area and local artists. Other collateral includes custom playing cards, bingo sheets, bookmarks and postcards. The result was a brand that was intriguing for a traveler and an honest homage to the steel city.

guest guide
Exterior Front
Exterior Flag