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Roadside Reinvented

The Original was a reimagining of classic diner culture for the modern age, capitalizing on a 1950s aesthetic but with contemporary twist. This classic 3 meal restaurant was originally started in Portland in the mid 2000s and was due for a visual refresh as it entered the Colorado market. The updated identity design had to invoke a different era without being too niche or campy so inspiration was drawn from timeless midcentury automotive typographic studies and paired with a cool, tonal palette. The system was further expanded by a series of typographic glyphs and an illustrative system that is both playful and informative to The Original's Offerings.

The Original -  Brand Guidelines
The Original - Signage and Interior
The Original - Exterior Sticker
The Original - Menu
The Original - Host Stand and Pen
The Original - Stamps

The collateral system was based on a sense of analog tactility utilizing a variety of heritage paper stocks. The placemats/menus immediately invoked another time and were paired with thoughtful brand applications like embroidered shirts, custom flatware, and diner mugs. The signage needed to be classic yet unexpected - we achieved this with a number of heritage materials and techniques used in unique ways. The marquee sign was a mix of channel letters with fly-off neon that leads to the door, whereas the main entry uses folded steel to create a lenticular logo visible from any angle. Inside we used globe lights and a custom typeface developed for neon to illuminate areas of interest and primary offerings. The results were a nostalgia invoking brand that still surprised and carried a modern edge.

The Original - Exterior and Ticket
The Original - Menu and Receipt Holder
The Original - Menu Up Close and Door Signage
The Original - Coasters
The Original - Corner of Restaurant
The Original - Bar Menu
The Original - Pens and Shirts
The Original - Wagon
The Original - Wagon up Close
The Original - Wagon Side-view
The Original - Stamp on Image