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The concept is simple, take makers, restaurateurs, stores, bars and musicians from various world cities and bring them out to Denver. For each cycle we would work with the team from MIAC/Eyes Open to help recruit, import and creatively position the project and create all subsequent assets related to the 3 month long popups. For each city we created a unique font inspired by the locations visited on the scouting trip and then provide it to the vendors for their own use after the term of the popup was complete.

For Reykjavik we worked with numerous friends and partners including Iceland Airwaves, Iceland Air, Iceland Naturally and other retail brands, bands and artists to bring a slice of Reykjavik to Denver for 3 months. We wanted to capture the raw and sweeping nature of Iceland in the visual brand, coalescing it behind unique collateral, custom typography and large graphic applications. A main consideration in our custom type was to create a system that changed and shifted as organically as the Icelandic landscape. When applied it playfully interacted with large format photography in both signage and collateral.

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